Monday, 24 July 2006

A punter writes...

Hello all... I'm in the process of moving house.

This means:
1) WPG is taking a bit of a Summer break. The length of this break is likely to depend upon BT's ability to install broadband in the new place, so could be some time.
2) A pub guide to Chelmsford will then probably follow shortly - and the good news is there are lots of nice places for me (and any willing volunteers!) to try!
3) If anyone's going to V Festival, we are nearby and (hopefully) will have hot showers etc.

In the meantime, a nice man called Ed wrote to me today. As you can see, he says nice things about the Pub Guide in the hope that I'll plug his new website. That's the sort of grovelling yet entrepreneurial approach I approve of. So here's the email, and I'm sure you'll feel free to add your own comments to this post...

Date: Jul 24, 2006 1:28 PM
Subject: property site that shows local pubs

Hi Will,

I found your pub blog today. Nice work, I like your strong opinions.

We've just launched a new property website (only London right now, but
expanding to all of the UK soon) that allows the user to see nearby
pubs on a map. Attached is a screenshot.

If you have a few moments we'd love to get your opinion, and if you
think it's a useful service have you present it to your readers.

it's only a first version, we know there are many areas to improve, so
don't hesitate to tell us what we could do better. As you'll see the
database of pubs comes from beerinthevening.