Friday, 4 May 2007

In da club

Last night Al and I went a'Shunting. There's always something new to see there, and this visit was no exception - on the way in, there was a radio tuned to the sounds of the earth (pictured).

And we sat and drank beer on some antique chairs on the back of a converted milk float (not pictured!).

That alone should explain why I love the place. However, some of the art there could be straight out of Private Eye's "Pseud's Corner". From yesterday's short films: "Claustrophobia attempts to express a social/psychological maze. It also obliquely references the claustrophobic condition of art - the painting stuck in a frame or the performance trapped in a video."

So here's my own attempt at some art. This is called "The long journey home on the 2200 to Ipswich". Note the discarded fast food wrappers, and more importantly, the shoes oddly placed on his legs rather than the floor...

Meanwhile, this week I am mostly listening to the Mark Ronson's excellent "Version". The cover of "Stop Me" is now officially my favourite track of the year so far. Listen here.