Sunday, 15 July 2007

Parsons Green revisited

When we were young and foolish - before we realised that no self-respecting sloane would have any interest in the likes of us - Garders and I used to occasionally venture down the District line to Parsons Green. Not because the pubs were any good, or that they had an excellent range of real ale (I was a lager boy back then) but because it was rammed with posh totty. There was even a late bar, called Crocs, which had a dreadful covers band, including a man who played one of those keyboards that you blew into that were big in the late 80s (even though this was the early 90s!).

Nowadays, I venture to Parsons Green only when the Ofcom Summer Event (it's NOT a party, for tax reasons!) is held at the Hurlingham Club. And after making our excuses at the end of the staff X-Factor talent competition (I couldn't make this stuff up)

Jon and I ventured out in search of a further pint or two. Our first stop was Aragon House. I guess this is a proper public house, being er, like a country house - well, a country house with big screens showing sport. It's hidden behind a black door in a pretty anonymous but smart house.

I think it was probably because it was a Monday night, but this place wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped - it felt a bit empty and soul-less; and a bit caught half-way between the country house atmosphere, with nice leather chairs, and those big screens making it feel like a sports bar - and therefore not doing either terribly well.

So we wandered across the green to the Sloaney Pony, otherwise known as the White Horse. Even on a Monday night, it's popular, and deservedly so for its wide range of well kept real ale - which I must admit I didn't even realise they did when I was coming here before. Otherwise it's not changed at all, and neither has the clientele - alice bands and pearls never went out of fashion in SW6. Well worth the price of a ticket to Zone 2!

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