Saturday, 20 October 2007

Will: the student radio years - in colour

The 40th anniversary of student radio - and a URE archive project being undertaken by Al and Julian - prompted my Dad to visit the loft and unearth these archive gems from 19-ahem to, well, three years after that.

My first year: a guy called Tim Wain who was way cooler than me and was Record Librarian. He hated my pop and oldies record collection.

And here's me in Studio 1 - note no telly at this point.

These next three must be second year - as here's Marc Settle, now at the BBC, and Helen Leadbetter.

This is the centre studio, supposedly for talk programmes, actually mostly for drinking.

Any idea who this is?

I reckon this is the Fresher's Week meeting of year three (note the "arrangement of driving tests on the agenda") in an LTB, there's Alastair and Dorian Wall. Behind Al is a german bloke who used to read philosophical texts out over Booker T and the MGs. I used to tech-op it without a clue of what was going on - but it sounded fantastic!

Pete Harris, then station manager (but went on to be Essex's first Green Union President) in Studio 1. By this point, we have a telly, but still the old cassette decks (it's like dating a tree by the rings...)

And here's a view of Studio 2. At this time, the studios were still in their original location at the top of the Union stairs.

Here's a speaker at the 18th birthday weekend - I think this is David Cox from SGR.

And this is third year, as we now have the new cassette machines in Studio 1.

Here's Brian the engineer and Dorian in Studio 2. Note an early Lorkin on the right!

And we couldn't go without Alastair Wilson: the Miami Vice Years - at Wivenhoe Quay, with Helen Leadbetter, Antony Whittall and Chris Mountain...