Monday, 30 May 2011

If you believe this blog...

... then it's at least eighteen months since I last visited a pub. And that's definitely not correct - hence an update for this whole site is long overdue.

There'll still be pub-related bits on here, I'm sure. Indeed we're flying Julian Lorkin back from Sydney next week specially for a pub crawl of some new (to him) ones and old favourites from Euston down to Chancery Lane, and there'll be a report back from that, possibly even with (increasingly blurry) pictures.

But I'd now like to use this blog for other bits'n'pieces from The World of Will, so there's some new and updated links you might like, and a few of my recent photos, on the sidebar to the right. Over time, there might even be a new lick of paint, along with other pages as I think of them. In the meantime, as always, feel free to say hello here.

PS: I was right in my post from September 2009 re. Stone Horse Paper Cow near Liverpool Street - it didn't work, and has recently closed. Try the spectacular and classy Bathhouse instead... if you can find the entrance nestling in Bishopsgate Churchyard!