Sunday, 31 July 2011

From the loft of Ol' Pa Jackson....

The Radio Academy's excellent Summer Pub Quiz - won incidentally by the team I was on, Folder Media United - had a fun round for us anoraks, identifying radio station mugs.

(By the way, Bealey - this was the one you couldn't remember:

It's based the distinctive grille of a 1930's radio made by Pye - who were based in Cambridge. See what they did there?

Anyway, the round was to identify the mugs from the Radio Academy's fine collection, with the actual station name blurred out. It set me thinking about the ones I used to have - and a trip back to Seaford to see Ol' Pa Jackson gave me an opportunity to head up to his loft to see what I could find. While I didn't turn up any mugs, buried underneath three or four boxes of cassettes of 80's radio shows that I MUST get round to dubbing at some stage, I found a Lowenbrau ashtray (clearly stolen at some stage from a university bar) full of random radio station badges.

So, for your further anorak enjoyment, here's that collection in full. Bring back any anorak memories? I'm especially proud of the "I Beat Beadle" badge - his show on LBC is one of the reasons I'm in radio. And also just for the aforementioned Bealey, there's even a Radio Thamesmead badge!

PS: Did I mention - we WON the quiz?

Twinkle twinkle...

There'll be a pub-related post along shortly, as there are some good newbies to write about, along with the annual outing on Thursday to the Great British Beer Festival. And possibly, for the anoraks, pictures of my newly rediscovered collection of 1980's radio badges.

First though, here's some music. Many have already commented on the irony of being able to pause and rewind the best bits of the Hackgate coverage thanks to Mr Murdoch's Sky+ box. This also means I don't see many ads. But one made my ears prick up, and I whipped out my Shazam app to find out what it was. To save you the hassle, it's Fredrika Stahl's "Twinkle twinkle little star (Data Remix)". But what does it remind me of? The closest I can get to is the Cocteau Twins meet Little Boots...